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News 2009-10

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Sports Day

Our Sports day was on the 25th June. All classes took part in different activities in the school building, the school grounds and in the local GAA grounds. Everyone enjoyed the day. To see more photos click here

Cork City Sports

Some of our pupils took part in the Cork City Sports on the 23rd of June. Kate and Daragh brought back some trophies. To see more photos click here

Our Intercultural Day

The 10th of June 2010 was a very special day in St. Joseph's P.S., Macroom. We held an Intercultural Day to celebrate the cultural diversity in our school community. It was a wonderful experience for all. Parents, pupils, teachers and friends, some dressed in traditional costume, went to great trouble to display items of culinary, historical and cultural interest from fourteen different countries. There were chopsticks and teasets from China, cricket shirt and posters from Sri Lanka, cheese scones and cherry cake from Hungary, saris and spices from India, pancakes and vegetable salad from Poland, rock salt and a dumpling sieve from Austria, baseball bat and chocolate brownies from the USA to name just some!
Children from all the classes visited the tables to discover more about different cultures and traditions.
The day finished with a display of traditional folk dances from different countries. It was a most enjoyable and enriching day thanks to all involved, particularly the parents and families, who so willingly helped to make the day a great success.
To see more pictures click here

First Holy Communion and Confirmation

Pupils from Sixth Classes in St. Colman's Boys National School and St. Joseph's received the Sacrament of Confirmation in St Colman's Parish Church on the 29th of April. Fr. Donal Roberts administered the sacrament. The choir consisting of pupils from both schools sang for the ceremony. Their musical harmony was uplifting. The Brass Band from the Boys School and the Recorder Band from our school added to the liturgical celebration. To see more photos click here

The girls form Second Class received their First Holy Communion was on the 15th May. They looked lovely in their beautiful dresses. The Choir from the Senior classes sang for the Mass. The girls who were receiving their First Holy Communion took part an active part in the ceremony. Fr. Manning celebrated the Mass. It was a lovely morning. Everyone came to the school hall after the Mass. The Parents Association had prepared a lovely cup of tea. It was enjoyed by all.
To see our photos click here

First Holy Communion May 15th 2010

Folk Dances

For the last six weeks Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class have been learning Folk dances from Scotland, Poland, Nigeria,Frace and lots more place from all over the world.
A performance of these dances will be part of our Intercultural Day on June 10th.To see some photos click here


Fourth and Fifth Classes have been to swimming lessons in Bishopstwon Swimming Pool. Sixth Class are now ready to beging their swimming lessons.

GAA Training

First Class have started football training and are looking forward to keeping fit over the next couple of weeks.

Sustainable Energy Workshop

Sustainable Energy Ireland or S.E.I gave workshops on the 24th, 27th and 28th. May to Third, Fourth, and Sixth Classes in the Eco Park here in Macroom. The workshop explained the different forms of energy. Some energy forms are not renewables like fossil fuel, but others like, solar, hydro, turbo and geo-thermal are. They did some interesting experiments to reinforce this message.All came back to school convinved of the need to use renewable energy.

New Interactive White Boards

All our classrooms now have Interactive Whiteboards. The teachers and pupils in St Josephs are thrilled to announce that we now have 11 interactive whiteboards in the school.

The value of Interactive whiteboards as an educational tool cannot be understated. Pupils are actively involved in their own learning as they use the board as much as the teacher.

The Parents' Association worked very hard during the year to raise funds to help us to purchase the Interactive whiteboards. We would like to express our thanks to all involved.

Reading Companion-IBM Web-based Literacy Initative

A group of parent (who are learning English as a second language) came to school on Monday 17th of May for a lesson on Reading Companion. They were given a demonstration on how to use the programme. They were then registered and given a Username and Password. They can now use this programme on their own computers. This will help them to learn English and also help them with their children's home work.


Clifford Browne from the Digital Hub, in Dublin came for a Computer Workshop on May 20th. Pupils from Third, Fourth, and Fifth Classes became digital natives for the day. They were introduced to and explored the new world of "Scratch" - is a new programming language that lets you create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art.. Their creations are evidence of their talent and creativity using this software. They uploaded their work to the Scratch website. They also recorded and used the video camera during the sessions. This worshop was learning in a very different way. The digital media was a natural and fun way to learn and create. To see more photos click here.

Our Computer Room

Our Computer Room initially has 14 computers. We upgraded the computers in the computer room this year, we now have 28 networked computers in the Computer Room. This is thanks to Eli Lily factory in Kinsale. They donated the computers to us and we had them installed in our Computer Room. The entire school is now networked and our broadband is up and running.W share resources on our School Server. We have our School News on our Computer screens every morning so everyone is up date on the happenings in our school. Both teachers and pupils have found this very helpful.

In total, we have approximately 45 computers in the school. All classrooms have their own individual PC. Some classroms have laptops with their Interacive Whitboards.

Each class in the school attends the computer room once a week. The children have the opportunity to explore a variety of educational software, develop their word-processing skills, create PowerPoint presentations, produce spreadsheets and graphs and engage in Graphic Design of posters, greetings cards, etc. The Computer Room is the technology hub of the school. Pupils also use the Computer room to read their books on line in 'Reading Companion".

All work in the Computer Room is fully integrated with what is happening in the classroom, ensuring that technology has a meaningful role to play in the pupils' educational experience.

Learning Scratch

Reading Companion-IBM Web-based Literacy Initative

To help children and adults around the nation and the world to gain essential English literacy skills using IBM's web-based literacy technology in collaboration with schools and non-profit organisations.

IBM is expanding its literacy grant programme called Reading Companion, a new interactive web-based , free technology that listens, guides, and teaches the young how to read and improve their literacy skills. It is also used for pupils who are learning English as an additional language. Reading Companion uses innovative speech recognition technology that 'listens' and provides personalised feedback to the user, enabling emerging readers to practice their pronunciation as they acquire fundamental reading skills. The programme is for children (ages 5-7) and or/for adults of all ages who are learning how to read for the first time.

We started using the programme before Easter. It is being used as supplementary reading material for younger pupils and as is very useful for pupils who are learning English as their second language. The programme is installed on all the computers in the Computer Room and The Language Room. Each pupil has their own headset to listen and interact with the programme. The programme keeps a record of all the books read by each pupil and the progress they are making in acquiring new reading skills.

Easter Concert

Our Easter Concert was held on the 19th March. First, Third, Fifth and Sixth Classes took part in the concert.
They performed a variety of items, The Missing Easter Bunny, an extract from The Wizard of Oz, The Lion King, Magical Fairy Tales and a performance of Glee.
The school band played at the beginning of the concert. They were accompanied by Mary McSweeney and Niamh Dineen and Katie Browne accompanied them for the piece 'Titanic'. You can see some photos if you click here.


Fifth Class win a Trip Roller Blading to Dublin

Fifth Class were very delighted to win a trip to the Indoor Roller Skating Arena on the Longmile Road in Dublin. They won the prize on the programme 'Ice' on Dempsey's Den. They entered a class picture of themselves depicting 'Ice' and they won the prize. They had a very enjoyable outing. Well done girls!


Visit of the Callino Quartet

On Friday the 16th Oct the Callino Quartet visited our school. Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes attended the workshop.
Sarah Sexton and Michaela Girardi played the violin, Rebecca Jones played the viola and Sarah McMahon the Cello. They explained how the different instruments make a variety of sounds. Their selection of musical pieces were lively and interesting, from Mozart, Janecek, to a song fom Ghana, an Irish song Cailin cois an tSuir, and the theme songs from the Simpsons and Mama Mia. The highlight of the performance was when some pupils had an opportunity to conduct the Quartet. It is thanks to the Arts Department of the Cork County Council that this subsided event was made possible.

Christmas time in St. Joseph's

We had our Christmas Concert on Friday 18th December. Junior Infants, Senior Infants and Second and Fourth Classes had lots of songs and stories about Christmas. Fifth, Sixth Classes sang Christmas songs and the school recorder band played Silent Night. Some pupils also played their violins. Second Class Nativity tableaux joined them on stage to complete the Christmas picture. We had a special visit on Monday 22nd. Fifth And Sixth Class went to the Local Community hospital to play and sing for the patients on the 15th Dec. Look in our Photos to see lots more photos.

Experimenting with their engineering skills for Science Week


We had great fun for Halloween, when we dressed up.

See some more pictures in Photos

Science Week - Engineering Day

Scott Ziglinski ran workshops for Classes from Third to Sixth on Wednesday 11th Nov. Having looked at the how carts and wheels work, we experimented with making carts and saw how they worked !

See more of our Photos in Photos

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